Friday, March 23, 2012

New moon notes

I read somewhere that the moon in a fire sign is helpful for creative pursuits... and we've got the new moon in Aries til Sunday! Loving the energy so far :-)

1. I started to delve into modular knitting... knitting 6 x 6 squares of my variegated yarns. Next step is to join them together, unless I decide to just send them abroad by snail mail to charities collecting knitted squares for blankets.

2. I decided to focus more on knitting baby blankets rather than charity hats. Calling them angel wraps, to be worn by babies gone too soon...

3. Still finishing two hand towels, then want to try my hand on another bathroom rug. PLus another trivet.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


1. Added to my wish list 2012: recycled/upcycled yarns from frogged sweaters, like those sold at Forgotten Fleece (a Ravelry advertiser).

2. Started spreading the knitting virus by giving tutorials mostly to my friends from UP. Need to make more beginner's kits.

3. Stockpiling on  bereavement blankets for preemies/stillborn babies. Minimum aim is a dozen, in various sizes, from 12-inch squares to 28-inch ones.

4. Doing some hats too, just to get back into using DPNs. Trying out bottom-up patterns, since I was previously into top-downs.