Sunday, July 6, 2008

Queen of Hats

My knitting workstation is chaotic as ever... and I've got hats that are almost done, just need to weave in the ends!

As I continue to focus on hats, which are primarily head-huggers or beanies, i'm mulling the color lines I want to focus on. So far, here's what's come up:

1. Primaries--bright red, green and blue
2. Coed--school colors such as Ateneo blue, La Salle green, UP maroon and dark green
3. Fire and Ice--brilliant colors that can either warm you up or cool you down (a bit of color therapy here!). All brights, jewel tones here
4. Earth Classics--nature-inspired colors including beige and floral shades of lilac, etc. Where the basics and neutrals would fall, e.g. all-black hat, or black-and-white, etc.
5. Trendy Combos--Brights paired with neutrals, etc. and crazy combinations

I even checked the fashion forecasts for this year and next just to get a handle on what might appeal to the "fashionista", since Pinoys generally like being "in" but my decision has been to appeal to a wide range, since I am definitely not a fashionista.

I'm also pondering doing hats in cotton and even tencel... and experimenting with a lot of stockinette-based stitch patterns. Unfortunately, the pattern books give instructions for flat knitting, and not for knitting in the round, requiring some tweaking.

Overall, I'm excited about this new phase. I do still have my shawls in progress, plus the hemp blanket which I've decided will have touches of Green Tea hemp yarn, courtesy of my 3 balls of Elann Canapone. And other stuff...

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