Thursday, March 20, 2008

Busy working on my dreams

I've actually been a good girl.

I've more or less organized my knitting table, found my missing bamboo needle and categorized the project samples. I am so ready to teach!

I've been knitting up stuff I need for my knitting classes, such as stitch samples to show the learners. These includes samples of patterns I made myself, for mini-towel, mug rugs, and placemats. Here's one, which I love, for a face/hand cloth or mini-towel, in mercerized cotton:

Peachy Face Cloth

Today, I've started my new blog devoted to selling my knitted items, called Hand-Knit Dreams. (UPDATE AS OF MAR 23: SORRY, Google thinks this new blog is a spam blog... so for now, I'll delete any links to it since you can't access it anyway.)

I just posted there tonight prototypes of some mug rugs I designed myself. Will knit some more, some on these actual designs, some will be variations. Also a pic of the Fancy Herringbone scarf in red.

Other updates:

I've had to re-do my hemp blanket, strip 1. Now it's strip 1.1 since I totally frogged the first version and re-did everything from scratch. This time, cast on is 32 stitches but the pattern remains at 30 stitches, the extra 2 are just for edgings, which the first version didn't have and it came out ugly.

I'm on a roll... with 3 new projects: first is the Lemon Basketweave scarf, made of gold and olive green tencel, and also a basketweave pattern. Second is the Coral Desert Shawl, a simple triangle shawl of garter stitch throughout. Third is also a triangle shawl but in the dark colors of Black and Iris Combo.

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