Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No longer a wanna-be!

This is one reason why I'm so glad to have a separate blog for my knitting. In my Multiply blog I've got sad news. In this blog, I've got happy news!

I learned yesterday that my knitting classes will be offered in summer at Miriam College... I suppose they're open to outsiders.

I'm already brimming with ideas... I'll also teach knitting as a freelancer. More on that later...

Also yesterday, my neighbor saw me taking pics of my latest shawlette and asked if I could knit her a hat. She asked for my fee... and now I'm thinking I'll knit hats for sale too...

Today, I checked out the knitting supplies to be had at Mega, since I intend to sell the beginner's kit at the Miriam classes, and elsewhere. I found that I could put up something basic. I just need to go to Divisoria to buy crochet thread in cones, to teach knitting washcloths.

I also decided today to sell some of my stashed yarn. A way to lessen my stash and make money at the same time...

And I'll add beads to the fringe of my Lacy Garter Stitch scarf, to make it look lovelier.

Now, some pics of my latest project, the Lacy and Spicy Scarf, based on the slip-stitch weave pattern, to be bound off tonight after this:

Slip stitch weave, unblocked

Slip stitch weave, close up

Here's a pic of the yarn I'm using, which is the Spice solid 2/8 tencel (no pic) combined with Spice combo variegated 2/8 tencel yarn, in pic:

Spice COmbo Cloudy Mode

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