Friday, May 2, 2008

Color Therapy thru Knitting: Magenta this time

Having done my GREEN mug rug, I had to balance its energy, which is about loving others, with MAGENTA, which is about loving myself. After all, one cannot truly love others without loving oneself first.

When I guide others in color meditation, I always balance the colors since making the client focus only on one color would of course lead to imbalance.

I actually finished the MAGENTA mug rug last night, but I still need to weave in ends and take pics. I had to adjust the number of rows to make it match the size of the green rug.

Here's a pic of the magenta WIP on my circulars:


And a nice shot of the green and magenta (WIP) mug rugs...


This is such an unexpectedly nice color combination. In terms of color theory, they were supposed to match, being opposite each other in the color wheel :-)

So how do I feel, now that I've knitted green and magenta? I do feel better. No more crying bouts for more than 24 hours, I think I have my appetite back and generally, I am in a better space compared to last week :-)

I have always been resilient, and I have more to write about my reflections in my other blog.

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