Thursday, May 14, 2009

Two shawls and one scarf on the needles

At the rate I'm going, I'm just gonna have maybe about four or five shawls to sell in Boracay when I go there early July. Well, I estimate that if I were to do nothing else but knit, I might probably finish one shawl in one day. But since I don't knit that way, i doubt if I'll ever find out if that's possible.

Sorry, no pics yet, but here's just a list of what I'm busy knitting lately:

1. Red scarf I call "half-half basketweave". I've got about a third done, but since this is being done with only one strand of tencel, which is laceweight, on size 2.5mm needles, I think this might take more time than expected.

2. Garter stitch triangle shawl, combining purple and peach mercerized crochet cotton thread, 1 strand each, on size 11 (US) needles. An intriguing color combo and coming out nicely.

3. Seed stitch triangle shawl, royal blue mercerized crochet cotton thread, 1 strand only on size 8 (US) or 5mm needles. Elegantly simple.

I decided to use up my sizeable mercerized crochet cotton thread for the shawls I'm selling. Cotton would be more attractive since it's machine-washable, whereas tencel is handwash, although they say using gentle cycle on the machine works.

Pics coming up soon. Still need to finish one magazine article first. As it is I only get to knit a few rows a day for each project.

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