Sunday, May 31, 2009

Enjoying my blog break

Because I'd rather be knitting, that's why :-) anything I want to blog about these days is about my knitting. It's a particularly creative dance I'm enjoying lately in the Silence, when the only sounds I make, aside from breathing, are the knitting needles clicking against each other.

I am very much at a lull, a necessary phase before things pick up again. I find it refreshing that I do not need to work at my PC all day. I love it that I'm knitting useful and practical stuff for the home. The tropical shawls have been set aside, including my sweetie's red scarf, for the meantime, in favor of the functional yet lovely bath mats and hand towels. None will be for sale, and it's been amazing how my knitting flows when I take out the monetary aspect and focus on domestic beauty.

I want to buy more white natural unmercerized cotton yarn, in cones, the sort used to crochet curtains and tablecloths. That means a trip to Divisoria's Tabora street soon, since I don't know where else I can buy them. The rainy weather however is making me rethink this desire. I have loads of colored mercerized cotton anyway.

This post technically ends my blog break... but it might also extend it. A lot depends on what Spirit whispers in my heart that I simply must share it online. Let's see what comes up as Mercury goes direct by tomorrow.


prettypiper said...

Hello. Would you be able to recommend to me a place where I can learn knitting (my current knowledge is zero but I am eager to learn) preferrably within the Ortigas area? Thank you.

Dreaming Knitter said...

Hi, I can teach you, by appointment. I've taught at Miriam College last summer and some individuals. Basic knitting would take about 2 to 3 sessions of 3-4 hours each :-) my fee comes with a kit, with yarn, needles, and other stuff you'll need. Please email me, for more details.

Another option is in Pasig, but these are group classes and are scheduled. You can inquire about it at the venue Craftworld in Megamall.

I think you can also take lessons at Dreams in Makati.

Anonymous said...

kitty cute :D