Monday, June 22, 2009

Lunar knitting: starting projects in the light of the new moon

After I finished knitting a hand towel in basketweave a few days ago, I decided not to start another hand towel until today. I wanted to make the most of the fresh lunar vibes, because the Moon has some say in my creative efforts. Saturn, which is smack in my House of Creative Expression, rules my 4th house, which is Cancer's natural domain, and not only is the New Moon in Cancer, this sign is ruled by the Moon itself. Luna is plainly powerful today until Thursday.

This also means that my efforts at producing anything artistic is best focused on home and family, or in making others feel at home, or secure. Which is why I've got more energy knitting for my family, and people I consider to be family, including charity recipients, rather than for myself. And it also means I like knitting at home :-) although I do have projects that I bring along in case I have some waiting to do elsewhere, e.g. the bank.

While waiting for the New Moon, I printed out new patterns that had been saved in my Knitting files. Amazing how much stuff I have in my computer just for knitting!

My recently finished domestic creations include two hand towels and a bath mat. Works in progress include three hand towels, with two of them in slip-stitch patterns, and one in ripple pattern. I also have two bath mat projects.

I just started a woven pattern for a hand towel this morning, and tonight I plan to cast on another hand towel project, in two colors, using slip-stitch. If I remember, I might record these stuff in my Ravelry project notebook, and take pics of my finished projects. Otherwise, let this blog post be my record :-)

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