Friday, January 20, 2012

Charity knitting plans for 2012 (Updated)

Currently I'm just knitting wool squares for KAS, but I also want to knit hats for charity. I'm going for an international flavor this year, destashing my wool and acrylic for these projects.

1. Knit-A-Square (KAS)--South African AIDS orphans

2. Eastern European and Russian Orphanages Project (EEROP)--handmade items for poor orphans in cold climates in Europe

3. Hearts for Warmth--for the US. I like this since collection point is in Connecticut, where my older sister also lives. Just a matter of finding someone going to her in CT.

4.  Stitches from the Heart--donates handmade items for premature babies to over 1,200 hospitals/charities in the US, with office based in LA.

Also forgot my plans to knit handcloths/face towels and sell them, to raise funds for charity. I'll be using the expensive but earth-friendly Qoperfina yarn from Peru, if ever I get to fulfill my wish list this year. In the meantime, I'm stuck with using up my current stash of cotton, cotton blend, tencel, hemp, and linen yarns.

Updated Feb. 17, 2012

Added two more charity undertakings

5. Hearts of Love--makes chemo caps for cancer warriors. Challenge for 2012 is to knit one chemo cap a month. So now I'm back to using tencel yarn and knitting one chemo cap a month. Will give it for free to whoever needs it :-)

6. Afghans for Afghans--I donated to them before, when my sis Marie returned to SF after a visit here in the Philippines.

Updated Feb. 19, 2012

Added two groups that accept squares
7. Afghans for Pine Ridge Reservation--for Native Americans in South Dakota
8. Love-squared--Creating afghans for America's homeless children one square at a time

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