Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wish list for 2012

1. Destash--I'm still using up my wool yarn that I bought in 2005 at a store in Divisoria. Will knit squares and hats with them, all for charity. Once I use up most of them, I'll use up my acrylic. As for my cotton, tencel, and hemp, will knit hand towels.
        I'll probably buy more yarn when I reach 25% supply for my wool, which I'd rather knit than acrylic. Unless I find acrylic that's soft, and thus kind to the hands. As it is, knitting with cotton is already tough for me, and that's already using metal needles.

 2. More needles--I want to have more circulars and DPNs, metal and wood, for my hat knitting.

 3. Local charity project--I have some ideas but at the very least, I will knit squares that can be made into blankets.

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