Monday, January 7, 2008

Dreams to knit in 2008

1. Knit-along: Many Colors squares--at least 2
First square: Light Purple Square, Vertical Zigzag moss stitch
2nd square: ???? Scrap yarn square? Peach-pink-lavender?

Target: to send to US by March, thru Ate Sonia? (or June, when she comes back and forth)

2. Zahir scarf for Beng-- dropped stitch pattern--finish by May!

3. Brown headband for Gay--ASAP--find pattern first

4. Caps for Au and Matt-- finish my March/June--send via Ate Sonia

5. Tencel scarf for Pat--try to finish by July for her birthday

This is an incomplete list... because I'd like to knit a few wool hats for Dulaan again and another sleeping cap for Mama... well, what I've listed above are my priority dreams.

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