Thursday, January 31, 2008

Project notes

Yup, I did end up frogging the Tanbark towel, and now I'm halfway through the second version, making my selvedge stitches 3 knit stitches (first stitch slipped as if to purl, then yarn back) . The side doesn't curl so much now...

Also done: two headbands for my friend Gay, though I'm not happy how they turned out... might make another one.

Yesterday I gave to my fave gay pal, Cyrus, a lime-green and purple scarf I knit last year. Will make him a matching hat soon. Comes in handy since he works in a call center. He was happy with it and wore it right away to work after our kaffeklatsch. I'll also knit a hat and scarf for another friend who's due to work again in a call center soon.

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