Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hot on the needles

My first attempt to make a scarf to be sold commercially, my first ever project as a professional knitter, went pffft yesterday.

I used the wrong needle size and the very nice mint-colored scarf, in light blue and mint green yarn, produced a stiff fabric. This means size 8 needles are not good primarily for the Carmencita yarn... unfortunately, acrylic totally hates plastic and wooden needles, and my sizes 9, 10 and 10.5 needles, both circulars and straights, are either both...

I have been saved only by size 11 metal dpns, ten inches long, SB Silvalume... set of 5! Ther acrylic slides so smoothly with these metal needles. (Note to self: buy more metal knitting needles! Sizes 9 onward--only if I plan to buy more acrylic for my commercial stuff. Need to think about it well.)

So now, I'm using one pair for my second attempt to become a professional knitter, this time making a leaf green scarf in simple alternative 6 rows of seed and garter stitches. My other extra Size 11 DPNs will be for the mint-striped scarf.

So far, it's been knitting up well except that I realized I didn't have enough yarn! One skein only produced around 9 inches of fabric... I had to scrounge and found 2 skeins of black Carmencita yarn. What I'll do is use the black yarn for the center portion of the scarf.

I'm calling this project the Green and Black scarf.

I like using seed stitch since it produces flat fabric. I had to alternate with garter stitches so it would knit up faster than usual....

Update: As of February 2008, I've officially declared this green and black scarf project as DEAD OBJECT. Not yet frogged but on its way to being frogged...

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