Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hot hats!

My brother in Oakland called long-distance today, just to say thanks for the hats I gave him when he was here in the Philippines, just before he was about to fly back home across the Pacific Ocean. He especially LOVES the bright blue-green hat that wasn't even really for him, but for my sister in San Francisco... well, it fits his bald head so well.

It's a cool color combination of Peacock Blue and Lime Green... I adapted a pattern for a chemo cap, here, to make the 2-inch rim (I think) in head-hugging single rib.

I realized today that I hadn't posted pics of this hat here in my blog, but have done it already in Ravelry ... so here's how it looks:

Left, a pic of the hat in progress, and right, the finished hat... I'm gonna knit at least two more in this color combo...

Here's a work-in-progress pic of the hat I'm knitting now, an orange acrylic hat :

It's almost done, I'm now making a single-rib rim. Will soon post pic of the finished hat...Just like with the chemo cap pattern, I adapted a basic, top-down pattern called Karlchen to give it a longer rim, maybe 2.5 inches instead of 1 inch.

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