Monday, February 18, 2008

Latest pics

Finished objects first!

1. My Black and Beige headhugger, a modified version of the Pi Topper Chemo Cap, a pattern that starts from the top down and was the very first hat pattern I knitted, for my mom.

I changed it a bit so that after reaching 144 stitches, more or less, I'd do single rib instead of continuing in stockinette, so the last 3-4 inches sort of hugs the head, nicely... it practically covers all of my short hair!

Another side view of Pi Topper

By the way, if you're looking at this from my Ravelry page, you'll notice I try to put different pics from what I have there... just to make the experience of clicking to this blog post a bit worth it :-)

2. Next, ready for fringing is a Lacy Garter Stitch scarf done in tencel, Iris combo colorway from WEBS and solid red-purple. I just call the color combination as Blue-Purple. Just the usual garter stitch done with size 13 needles. It's been washed, to shrink it, since I read somewhere that tencel will shrink once only... might as well do the job before selling it to anyone!I also blocked it so it would stretch. It nicely drapes!

Another close-up
Unfortunately, I can never do justice to the rich and glossy colors of the tencel yarns... this colorway doesn't really have any white colors, it's just the light reflecting off the yarn :-(

Here's how Iris combo looks like:
it's a cool, classy mix of iris blue, dark blue, red purple, black and grey. I think it also has some silver too.

I'm also going to combine this with black to make the colorway stand out. The scarf above emphasized the red-purple.

And now, what's been keeping me busy are the following Works In Progress (WIPs):

1. A unisex scarf based on the Linen Stitch, using one strand each of Dark Teal and Black

Linen Stitch scarf close-up

This pic more or less captures the color the yarn. Here's how Dark Teal looks like, from the WEBS page:

2. Another WIP is a Lacy Woven Scarf made of two strands of Painted Desert tencel colorway, using Slip-Stitch Weave which knits beautifully and speedily:

Right side of Lacy Woven Scarf

Here's how the Painted Desert colorway looks like, online :

It's a yummy mixture of coral, amethyst, olive, lavender, teal... a feminine combination that's ideal for lacy designs. I might make a shawl for myself from this colorway!

3. I've saved the best for last. I call it Strip 1, which would be 4.5 inches wide and about 72 inches long. Because it's made of natural hemp, its color is, well, natural. I'm thinking if I'll dye it or not... for now, the natural color works. The work looks stiff because the yarn IS stiff... it will soften when it's washed.

The pattern is a Baskwetweave Variation, includes 5 rows of garter stitches between the knit and purl blocks... I'll post the pattern someday soon.

Another view of Strip 1

How much hemp do I have? Well, here's a pic of the humongous cone I ordered online from, which says the hemp came from Romania. I expect this should have all the yarn I need for the blanket... or else I'll have to order another cone again. Only problem is, I don't know when any of my 3 sibs in the US are coming over to the Philippines.

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