Friday, February 29, 2008

The week that was

I finally finished FULLY one project... when I say FULLY, that meant having knitted, washed (if needed), blocked (if needed), the ends have been woven in and any fringes have been added. This makes the finished object, or FO, ready to give to the intended recipient.

That's why in some projects, I have 95%-99% ratings which mean, the knitting's done but I still need to do something more with it before I can declare, finito.

That said, my only FO this week is, or rather, are, the two headbands I made for my friend Gay, whose father left the body recently. That sort of moved up the date when we were going to see each other again, and the day i went to the wake, her headbands had just been washed, and still being dried. Plus the ends still needed to be woven in...

This just means I'll see her again soon, to give the headbands and make chika.

This also means, I still have at least 3 knitted projects that have already been washed and blocked, but still need end-weaving and fringing. I had wanted to do that by today, but an editing racket came my way and right now I'm playing hooky from it, so I could do at least a weekly update here.

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