Friday, February 22, 2008

From Lacy Woven to Lacy Seed

I changed one of my projects this week, the one I was knitting with the tencel colorway, Painted Desert. Originally, it was called the Lacy Woven Scarf, using as my stitch pattern that of the Slip-Stitch Weave. It was knitting fast, but after about 12-14 inches of knitting, while the body of the fabric was shaping well, the sides weren't. I was using too loose a selvedge... but it was similar to what I had used in the swatch. Apparently maybe I should have swatched at least six inches to see how the selvedge would "hold" the fabric together.

So now... the Lacy Woven Scarf is due to be frogged.

And I decided to move on the another slip-stitch pattern, called the Pebbled Stitch. Because this stitch pattern has alternate rows of seed stitch and slip-stitch, I decided to call the scarf pattern as Lacy Seed. And the scarf is designed to be about 10-11 inches wide, making it a "shawlette", so I'm calling the project "Lacy Seed Shawlette."

I've also used a seed stitch selvedge, knitting the first and last stitches. So far, looks ok...and I'm almost done!

The stitch produces a nice-looking reverse/wrong side too... here are some pics, along with a view of the Painted Desert yarncake...

View of the right side

Front view, with Painted Desert yarn

View of the wrong/reverse side

Wrong/Back side, Lacy Seed

A view of the Painted Desert colorway, again, this time as a "yarncake":

Another view of the tencel yarn, Painted Desert colorway

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Jinky said...

oh I envy those who can actually get those yummy yarns like you...
love the tencel shiny..