Friday, February 8, 2008

Some more Tanbark shots

Happy as I am that one of my Tanbark shots, a close-up, is being used for Ravelry, I still wish I can decent shots. Well, all I have is a cellphone camera with no tripod. Anyway, here are more shots I took of my Tanbark Towel, already done and awaiting to be gifted to the beloved recipient.

Left, the "right side" which looks like an exaggerated or embossed Moss/Seed stitch.

Right, the "wrong side" which is the loopy one and just as attractive.

Thick, dense fabric with slight curl, probably needs more selvedge. Since it's a towel, I didn't bother blocking it... maybe if I use this stitch for a scarf. I'll probably use seed stitch selvedge.

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