Sunday, April 20, 2008

Just wanted to note my latest loot, which had arrived a few days from my SF-based sister, who had asked me what I wanted from San Fran, since we had a nephew who had just planed in from Manila and was gonna be there a couple of weeks for a Silicon Valley job interview, free plane ticket and all that. He finally came back recently and ta-dah, look what I got:


What I really wanted were those ArtFibers tussah silk yarn (my sister's office is near the ArtFibers shop), but being on a yarn diet, I chose to be practical and focus only on what I really needed: a row counter and size 6 needles. Besides, it's kinda hard to ask for something that costs $30 when you don't know if your sister will suffer from the worsening US economy or escape scot-free.


Since my sister's query had coincided at a time when I was kinda going through a tough time, she kindly threw in some comfort food I hadn't asked for (I had thought of Ghirardelli dark chocolates but somehow forgot to ask in the midst of my turmoil).

I am so gonna use that row counter tonight (and taste a bit of those goodies too). I'm knitting my first mug rug for color therapy purposes, and it's knit in the round and I need to keep track of the rows. Such perfect timing.


Mimi said...

Hi Amy! Those are wonderful knitting tools...what a sweet sis you have. (I'm glad I have one sweet sis too)
I'm so distracted nowadays, but I'm still interested to take up knitting.

Dreaming Knitter said...

i love my new row counter :-) the size 6 needles was just to make sure I had all the sizes available. I thought I had a pair but they turned out to be size 8s.

Let's sked a meet-up in May? IS a weekday or a weekend better for you?

Mimi said...

Thanks Amy, I'll let you know soon what time I'm available. My son will be taking up guitar lessons, so maybe I can meet up with you after I drop him off.