Thursday, April 10, 2008

Learn to Knit for Color Therapy

I've decided to make a unique offer nobody else in the Philippines (I assume) can do: teach knitting for color therapy!

Actually, I've been into color therapy longer than knitting. I've offered it in one-on-one and group sessions and I've talked about it with groups, on radio and TV...

This time, I see the benefit of learning how to knit according to color therapy purposes. This involves concretely connecting with colors that one needs to feel better, to get insights and basically, to achieve balance.

This is different from learning just to knit for knitting's sake. Why?

1. Knitting for color therapy will take at least 2 sessions. In the first, I introduce both color therapy and explain why I'm teaching knitting with it. Then we initially explore where the learner would most need color therapy and I teach the basics of knitting too. Overall, first session would take two hours. Second session would be a follow-up and lets learner give feedback, and I teach more techniques and principles to let him/her continue to use knitting for color therapy. It would take one to two hours. Follow-ups may also be scheduled.

2. Because knitting for color therapy is primarily counselling, the session can only be one-on-one. Everything shared will be kept private and confidential. The modality for using color therapy is through knitting. Before, I use meditation, visualization and drawing/sculpting for color therapy. This time, I'm using knitting too.

3. Knitting for color therapy would be most helpful to those who are seeking ways not just to relax and relieve stress (which knitting by itself can accomplish), but also want to learn more about themselves and face important life issues, e.g. heartbreak, confusion, etc.

4. My rates are lower for knitting for color therapy. I just charge P300 for one session lasting 2 hours maximum. To teach knitting to one learner I charge P400 for a 60-90 minute session. (Fee does NOT include knitting materials).

Sessions are by appointment only. Venue can be my apartment in Sikatuna Village or somewhere public. Please PM or email me at soulsearchgroup AT for inquiries.

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