Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update: Green mug rug after 10 more rows

I usually knit before I go to bed at night and soon after waking in the morning. It helps to relax me, and to ground my energy, since I view knitting as a form of active meditation.

Anyway, so last night after taking pics of the first three rows of my green mug rug, I went on to knit 6 more rows before calling it a night.

This morning (actually, around noon), I was able to knit some rows. My row counter is a major motivating factor, since I look forward to clicking it once I finish a's such a tangible proof that I've accomplished something! I know, it's such a simple (babaw as we call it here, or "shallow") joy, but I still like it... :-)


I reached Row 13, where I was able to switch from dpns to my bamboo circulars that's got a length of sweet 16 inches. It nicely lays out the mug rug's a pic with the freed dpns, and the safety pin is my stitch marker, to know where a round begins.


And here's an up-close shot of the mug rug... I might still tweak the design later, or switch to US Size 5 needles for a looser knit.


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