Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tagged: Six things I like to do

I've been tagged by Monica Silva of A Knit Skinny Scarf and I have to tag 6 other knitting bloggers. As she said, it's a great way to know fellow knitting bloggers. I'm also doing this in honor of Ravelry's first anniversary, a.k.a. Bobmas Day :-)

Six things I like to do
(as of April 12 2008 anyway)

1. Knit. But of course :-)

2. Study astrology. I'm such a geek, really :-)

3. Change the theme of my Multiply website at least once a month :-) see the latest theme by clicking HERE.

4. Laughing at funny animal pics at the I Can Has Cheezburger website not just for comic relief but also to change the pic in my Multiply's homepage almost everyday.

5. Visiting the Lagoon at the nearby university campus where I commune with Nature and I listen to the birds and the trees.

6. Take pictures of my cats, especially when His Royaleness harks back to his previous incarnation as a yogi :-) here are his latest poses (giving me an excuse to post cat pics in my knitting blog!)




I'm tagging the following fellow bloggers:

Gene of gene + experiments

Mimi of Crochet and Other Stuff

Jinky of Life as a Stitcher

Kim of Craft ni kim

Lyra of Odd Little Lyra: Crocheting, Knitting and Other Things

Pamela at Multiply

P.S. What a nice Bobmas Day gift, Google has unblocked my Hand-Knit Dreams blog! It had been reported as a spam blog and now it seems they've reviewed it and decided it's not so...

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