Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Brilla busted, Pegasus pegged, Sailor-Camila paired

Unfortunately, I had to frog my Brilla scarf... it just wasn't working. But I remain hopeful I can still knit up what I've dreamt for it: seed stitch for a certain number of rows, interrupted by 1 rib row.

Now I'm figuring out what to do with the Elann Pegasus cotton-viscose yarn... in red magenta. Just like Brilla, I'm dreaming of a unisex scarf ... but the seed stitch rows would be interrupted this time by garter stitch. Maybe. I'm tempted to do something in basketweave. I'm also tempted to wait for my tencel yarn to arrive (the 20th! that's when my brother arrives with my week... can't wait)

Another option: knit up another nice classy scarf, combining these two, Filatura di Crossa's Sailor cotton yarn, Po River colorway, with Elann Camila's cotton-linen yarn, Chamois. I want the Chamois yellow to liven up the Po River's subdued colorway... there's a bit of yellow in the colorway, which would be played up if I knit it with the Chamois. At least this time, I do have enough yarn for my peace of mind...


Monica Silva said...

Of these 3 colors, I like the magenta Elann Pegasus yarn because I like knitting dark colors. I look forward to seeing what kind of pattern you knit with it :)

Dreaming Knitter said...

Hi Monica,

Still no pattern to dream up for this though... will keep you posted...:-)