Sunday, December 16, 2007

Travel pains

My Filati sailor scarf is doing fine... sorry, haven't had time to take pics yet.

I was thinking of my upcoming hectic week right after Christmas, and up to the New Year, when I have to travel to two resorts within the week...

I'm usually OC about my plane flights, I like to arrive way ahead of my flight, not only because I don't want to miss the flight but also because I want to avoid the long line at the check-in counter. I like to travel relaxed, not in a harried, hurried mood.

This means bringing along some of my knitting stuff, since that's all I'd rather do these days.

My concern is that, knitting is not well-known here and the airport security guys might give me a hard time with my hand-carried knitting stuff.

In fact, we have no native word at all for "knitting." The closest local term used for it is the same as the one for crochet--"gantsilyo" (from Spanish ganchillo, the term for crochet) although I just checked now that in Spain, the word(s) for knitting is Punto de malla which I've never heard in our native language, which has lots of Spanish words since we were a Spanish colony for 300 years. Although if I were to Filipinize the term, then knitting would be called "punto de malya".

Anyway, enough of the linguistics lesson. I'm going to be optimistic and take the advice of other traveling knitters (abroad, not in the Philippines): use plastic needles, have some yarn on the needles and pack them in clear plastic bag. Plus, I'm going to bring some yarn for winding by hand, and some unfinished knitting for "frogging".

My only problem now is what plastic needles to bring, since my size 4's are pointy (risky) while my size 11's are blunt (better).

I'll have to decide by the 25th, my last chance to pack for my first trip out on the 26th.

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Mimi said...

I think "punto de malya" sounds good...I have seen "niting" being used. I don't agree that gantsilyo should be used both for crochet and knitting ;)