Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yarn heaven

That's where I am right now... my dear brother from Oakland planed in today, and while I had thought I'd get my stuff tomorrow when I'd see him at the hotel (today is reserved for his gf, who's here in the Philippines), I got to talk with him earlier and apparently he had left my goodies at our aunt's place nearby. Our aunt's place is the family's general 'center' since it's big and well, it's where our aunt and cousins are.

Anyway, so instead of working today I immediately rushed to my aunt's to go through my brother's big box and packed off with my goodies in tow. Although... I didn't see the Artfibers' tussah silk I had asked him to get me... maybe he's giving them for Christmas. Maybe. That's okay, I'm kinda yarn-overwhelmed now. Ooh, and I think my other two sisters planing in this weekend might also bring me knitting stuff. I informed one of them of the organic cotton on sale. Something to look forward to.

I'm kinda too busy to put all my goodies together and take a pic, but basically, what I have in my apartment are:

A dozen set of needles, dpns and 16-inch circulars, bamboo, metal and balene, for my hats

From Heritage Yarns
Six 8-oz cones of 8/2 tencel yarns, yummy colors

Three 1-lb cones of 8/2 tencel, solids
Three 1-lb cones of 8/2 tencel, variegated

From KnitPicks
4 Shine worsted
3 Shine sport
A ball winder (Royal brand, made in Japan)

1 1-kilo of natural, fair-trade hemp weaving yarn (very fine... might need to use 3-4 strands together!)

Whew... I already have a grand idea. I'll probably wind up 100-gram balls of hemp and tencel and sell them. I've already tried out my ball winder once, and I while I didn't have a swift (too expensive), I improvised with a plastic bag, kinda easy since the yarn already came in cones.

This is one way to lessen by stash. I can't think of a name yet for this batch, since they came from different sources...

For a touch of the scientific, I could call this stash Batch B-2007, since elann would be Batch A-2007. Although I do have a bunch of crochet thread, made of mercerized cotton, I also bought this year. I dunno...

Back to work.

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