Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let the river flow

Correction: The yarn to the left is not Filatura di Crossa yarn, as I had posted earlier, but Filati Italian Collection yarn... got it from

I decided to knit it on its own, rather than match it with the Camila "chamois" yellow yarn, since the orange/yellow bits in the colorway already brighten up the rest of the yarn... as intended. This makes me curious to see the Italian place that this colorway was named after, Po River.

I remember now why I chose this colorway. I wanted something in blue, to tone down the orange and maroon yarns ... yet I also wanted to have something in orange bits (his favorite color). So there... it was rather hard to choose the colorway. I loved their color combos... trust the Italians for having good taste even in matching colors. I'm sure it's in their genes...

I'll soon post a pic of this scarf-in-progress. As usual, seed stitch played out better than garter. I love how it's turning out.

Only problems I've had with Filati sailor: splitty, and the usual challenges of 100% cotton yarn, making me kiss my metal needles for making the work easy.

Unfortunately, I won't get to buy anymore Filati Sailor yarn, much as I love their other color choices. After buying my stash, I've opted to buy only nature-friendly yarn, so that means sticking to organic cotton... and tencel, and tussah silk, mostly.

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