Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trying to knit Zahir

Arggh...I've lost the number of times I started and stopped and re-started my Zahir scarf for Beng. I'm experimenting on the needle sizes, the number of cast-on stitches, the number of garter rows before the drop-stitch row, and the number of yarn-overs to make the drop stitch. I can't believe how OC I'm getting over this...

I just can't find the perfect width and I get so critical of the uneven stitches... although later I read online that even if the tape yarn, which is flat, twists and folds, the knitted effect remains the same... so that means I need not worry of having a weird looking but gorgeously colored scarf on my friend. I'll give it another go when I knit tonight. These days I knit before and after I do my bread-and-butter day job at home... only way to keep me sane!

Maybe it's because Beng wants to wear it while singing onstage that's making me nervous. I'd rather make her something dramatic and beaded... yet I want to put a touch of the tropics there, like the seashells I used on my sister Marie's yellow scarf, one of my first ever scarves. Marie loved that teeny detail, which I knew she would... I wanted to give her a touch of home.

I just have to find seashells to match the Zahir yarn... or maybe I'll get to find some nice ones when I hit the beach later this month... in Palawan and Bohol. Let's see what Nature dreams up for me and Beng's scarf... :-)

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