Saturday, December 8, 2007

Brilla by itself

I decided to knit a scarf using Brilla only, without the green tea hemp. I thought it was a shame to tone down Tangerine Dream, when I consciously chose the color because of its brightness. That, and it was the only color left at! In fact, up to now it's still available, but this time along with Brilliant Yellow... very tempting to break my yarn diet... but no, this time it's my credit that's on a diet until I pay off some stuff this month.

Brilla's indeed soft, but slippery on the needles, making it feel like mercerized cotton yarn. A bit splitty but only when I'm careless. Maybe because it's four-ply, Brilla certainly doesn't feel like it's fingering weight... I ended up using size 7s.

As expected, seed stitch turned out better than plain garter stitch. I love seed stitch. It is predictable in its flatness and beauty. I'm loving the sheen of Brilla...

The coloring is turning out nicely. Since I can't decide on the ultimate recipient, I'm making the design unisex. I hope to dream up a 6-inch wide scarf that's at least 60 inches long. I just have 2 balls of Brilla, and if more colors are offered on, I might get some more. Mmmm...

I'm using a pattern that knits an interesting fabric, based on my experience with an orange-and-black scarf, knitting rows in seed stitch, and one row in rib. It produces a subtle stripe effect, to break the texture's monotony.

Here's a pic of what I got to knit up so far with Brilla. Notice the "stripe" produced by one row of rib stitch (technically, that would produce two rows since I'm just knitting and purling according to the previous row). I think I'll try it with a 2-row rib next time:

Anyway, my elann stash being the first time I ever ordered yarn online, I've learned something since then. If my budget allows it, I should always get one more ball than I really need. That way I need not worry if I'm gonna run out or not. I'm very bad at math, so I can't rely on my calculations at all.

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