Saturday, December 1, 2007

My yarn stash from elann

Actually, there's more to this stash but this is the one I bought online from two months ago, which was then delivered to my sister's home in Connecticut and which she sent in a bigger box that she sent to me in the Philippines along with other stuff. This bigger box was then shipped across North America by land and then across the Pacific Ocean... whew! I just finally got hold of these yummy yarns rather recently... What a wait. Of course, that meant saving about twenty dollars (yarn money!) if I were to have ordered international shipping instead.

It's a sign that I have become a serious knitter who spends money on yarn, to knit stuff to give and maybe sell... well, maybe I'll knit myself a scarf or two. But most of the yarn I ordered here were for others, not for me.

To distinguish this from my old stash, I'm calling this batch the elann stash. I have more coming soon... tencel from WEBS and Heritage Yarns, mostly. Yummy. Can't wait!

And now, I start to knit... having already dreamt of patterns, in my heart.


Monica Silva said...

Hi Amy,
I like the new look of the blog... clouds... Having your yarn shipped in the US... That's smart !

Dreaming Knitter said...

Hi Monica,

I'm lucky to have siblings and other relatives in the U.S. but I have to wait when they come over here, or send something here, before I can get my stuff.

This also makes it tempting to keep ordering all sorts of stuff... so now I'm on yarn diet and it's working...