Sunday, December 2, 2007

Zahir Scarf for Beng

Yarn: Laines du Nord Zahir ribbon yarn, called FIESTA by but a.k.a. 4012 Turquoise Gold, a mix of 51% cotton, 4% polyamid and 45% silk. Each ball is 119 yards.

For my first entry to my knitting blog, let me report my first project with my elann stash: a drop-stitch scarf in ribbon yarn for my friend Beng, a fantastic jazz singer who belts out Ella Fitzgerald in the glitzy Millenium Bar in Singapore.

Fresh in Manila for a much-deserved vacation, she dropped by my small and messy apartment. We exchanged gifts: I haven't opened hers yet, since her daughter had insisted on wrapping the stuff in holiday gift wrapper which automatically meant I cannot open it until Dec. 25 (yeah, I'm an OC about such stuff...) and I handed her the wool-rayon drop-stitch scarf I had dreamt up for her in blue and green yarn. I don't know how she'll ever get to use it in Singapore, which is even nearer the equator than the Philippines, but she said she does work in a cold, airconditioned place to accommodate the mostly Western crowd.

Then I told her, like some 7-year-old schoolgirl, that I was expecting more yarn coming in from the U.S. and I proudly even showed her, from my PC, the yarn pics I took from the elann website, so I'll know what to expect. She fell in love immediately with the Laines du Nord Zahir ribbon yarn, in Fiesta. She could already see herself wearing it at work, as an accent piece. So I told her I'll make her another scarf soon as I get hold of the yarn.

So here I am now, with Beng about to leave in five days, and I doubt if I'll finish the yarn even if I'm using size 13 needles and it's a simple garter drop-stitch pattern like what I had made for her first scarf. I didn't know ribbon yarn was pure hell to knit until I read online other knitters' experiences. Yet I loved how the fabric was knitting up, so I'm sticking to it, a few rows a day. I'll have to tell Beng she'll get her scarf next time she's in town, about mid-year next year. I can't rush this. A lovely scarf like this takes time to dream up well.

Anyway, one of the ribbon yarn patterns that inspired me came from and here's a detail pic:

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